How We Saved One Client A Million Bucks Overnight

The problem

On a Thursday night in December, a client phoned us for help after hours. There had been a major product failure with their factory and now, 17 truckloads of fresh product needed to be delivered to 17 different distribution centers across the country within 24 hours to make deadline. The cost for next-day-air was projected at over 1 million dollars! Was there anything Crack could do?

the solution

Crack Logistics immediately called in our troops, kept the warehouse open all night, and used product we had on hand to build pallets. In the meantime, we booked the truckloads and all product was successfully delivered by deadline.

How We “Saved the Lanyards!”

The problem

A client called late one Friday with an issue. They had 8 million lanyards coming into California for a 600 location launch event taking place on Tuesday and the lanyards weren’t out of port yet! Their trucker could not get into port and the entire project was about to fail spectacularly. Crack Logistics was not previously involved, but there anything Crack Logistics could do?

the solution

We used our contacts to investigate the problem at port and found out we could unload the container that was stuck at port at midnight on Friday IF we had an appointment and a chassis. We obtained both and picked up the lanyards. From there, we staffed our warehouse on Saturday, got all 170,000 boxes picked, packed and shipped in time to make the Tuesday event.

How We Kept Our Client’s Business Healthier than Ever In the Middle of A Heath Crisis

The problem

During their peak season, we were needed to help a major ecommerce client to perform like never before. It was the middle of COVID, AND it was also the busiest the company had ever been. How would we be able to consistently maintain a healthy and available work force to deliver three times our normal output for three weeks straight?

the solution

We hired an extra staff for our warehouse and alternated weeks with each team so that, should a person on one team get sick, we could replace the entire team with the other team. There was also a hand-sanitizer shortage during this time, so we learned how to formulate our own.

The result? We devanned 150 containers and processed 400 outbound FTL shipments in three weeks without missing a beat.

It’s enjoyable working with a creative & passionate team who find satisfaction in helping our clients through the digital journey.

— Raymond Miller

CEO & Co-Founder

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