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We help you solve complex and fast-changing challenges posed by global supply chains. We do this through a comprehensive suite of rapid-response services and personalized attention you won’t get anywhere else.

Excellence by definition.

/ krak /

(verb) find a solution, decipher, resolve

(adjective) expert, skilled, first-rate, superlative​

Our Services

We have over 100 years of combined experience offering tailored services to companies like yours.

Rapid-Quote Response and On-Demand Expertise

Ocean, Air, Trucking (FTL/LTL), Parcel, Domestic or International

On-Demand Warehousing/Cross Docking and Storage

Customs Clearance

Project Fulfillment / Pick & Pack / Kitting

Real-Time Inventory Tracking & Management

CRACK LOGISTICS is your single source solution for all your shipping needs. We have expertise in both international and domestic freight.

Success Stories

We have built Crack Logistics on going the extra mile for our clients. Take a look at the following testimonials.

How We Saved One Client A Million Bucks Overnight.

How We “Saved the Lanyards"!

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How We Kept Our Client’s Business Healthier than Ever In the Middle of A Heath Crisis.

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